University to monitor weather conditions, exams remain scheduled

UPDATED: Dec. 14, 1:46 p.m.

Several offices at Syracuse University warned the campus Tuesday about cold weather dangers associated with the Lake Effect storm expected to hit Tuesday through Wednesday.

‘While outdoors, it is critically important to avoid wet clothing, particularly wet socks,’ according to the SU news alert. Other risk areas for frostbite include the cheeks, nose, ears and fingers. 

Dull, white patches of skin and limited feeling in the area are indications of frostbite, according to the alert. Upon experiencing these symptoms, the alert warned, students and staff should find a warm environment and remove any wet clothing without irritating or massaging the affected areas. 

The National Weather Service estimates Tuesday’s temperatures at 15 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of -3 degrees. Daytime snow accumulation will be between 3 and 5 inches, with another 3 to 5 inches falling throughout the night. 

SU will also be closely monitoring the weather and road conditions through Wednesday, though it does not currently feel conditions are poor enough to close operations, according to a winter weather alerts issued Monday.

‘At this time, the university does not believe the timing and amount of snow will be severe enough to merit curtailing operations, as SU is primarily a residential institution,’ according to the alert.

The 10-day weather forecast has lake effect snow showers starting Monday and lasting through Wednesday, according to

The university issued an alert Monday to let students and faculty know it is aware of and monitoring the weather forecast and will make a decision on whether to shut down operations based on constantly updated information, said Sara Miller, associate director of SU News Services.

‘However, the university will, in general, remain in operation and continue classes and regular services despite adverse weather conditions that may affect transportation and utilities,’ Miller said in an e-mail. ‘The continuation of activities is essential to the needs and expectations of our students in this essentially residential campus community.’

The university will issue future weather updates on whether it will be closed via e-mail or on its website, Miller said.

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