Watch: Movies to fall into

It’s that time of year: football, falling leaves and shorter days. While snuggling up on those typical cool nights, why not pop in a DVD of (315)’s great fall movies to put you into that autumn feel.

‘Remember the Titans’ – The MOTHER of fall movies. This touching true story is a movie for everyone. The struggle of the ’60s really comes to life in this Disney classic. The scenes of the football stadium, fans and pride almost make you wish you were back in high school … almost.

Why it’s a good fall movie: Football games on cool Friday nights under the lights-that’s the fall we’re talking about.

‘Stepmom’ – This heart-warming, yet ridiculously unrealistic, film starring Hollywood A-listers Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts is full of clichs, but it’s still a favorable fall movie. The story revolves around two totally different women who find friendship through common ground while one is dying of cancer. It’s a tear jerker for the masses, my friends.

Why it is a good fall movie: The reds, oranges and yellows of autumn appear in almost every outdoor scene (even the one of Sarandon smoking weed). ‘Cider House Rules’ – While no ‘Spiderman,’ this Tobey Maguire film is a classic. Set during WWII, the movie stars an orphan named Homer who leaves his Maine orphanage where Dr. Larch (Michael Caine) performs illegal abortions. He then follows a couple (Charlize Theron and Paul Rudd) to do fieldwork in a family apple farm. While the movie may oversimplify the acclaimed book by John Irving, nothing can beat Caine’s attempt at a British accent.

Why it’s a good fall movie: What says fall better than apples and cider? ‘Autumn in New York’- Another predicable love story, which, believe it or not, opens with a scene of autumn in New York. In this love story, Richard Gere plays Will, a 48-year-old ladies man, while Winona Ryder plays Charlotte, an oh-so-delicate 22-year-old. And the creepy just keeps on coming from there as you find out that Will used to hang out with Charlotte’s mom. Now that’s keeping it in the family. The story eventually brings you to the ‘shocking’ news that Charlotte has a tumor on the heart and uses the rest of her time to teach Will what true love is.

Why it’s a good fall movie: It’s AUTUMN! IN NEW YORK! Duh.

‘Meet the Parents’ – If you haven’t seen this movie, or didn’t laugh your ass off when you did, check your pulse, you may in fact be dead. Ben Stiller stars in one of most memorable and hysterical films of his career-a great movie for all times of the year. However, the entire movie takes place in the fall, which, in turn, produces some unforgettable moments.

Why it’s a good fall movie: The leaves lying in the rain gutter were the main cause of Owen Wilson’s Chupah starting on fire. Funny stuff.


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