Parking tickets issued inconsistently

I don’t understand the logic behind the Syracuse Police Department. Every Friday, at least 100 cars park on the side of Comstock Avenue in a ‘no stopping zone’ while they attend services at the mosque located on Comstock Avenue between Manley North and Stratford Street. None of these cars are ticketed.

When it comes to Homecoming day and I want to get work done at Bird library, parking is a huge commodity along Walnut Avenue. I found a space that was not good for Homecoming day, but assumed that since every possible parking space on both sides of the street was filled with parked cars, I would be OK.

Of course, Syracuse Police Department did not extend courtesy to those feeling the crunch for parking spaces on Homecoming day and ticketed every car that was not legally parked on the proper side of the street. I thought courtesy was a two-way street?

Clayton ParkerSophomore information management and technology major


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