Perspectives : Does SU need a new mascot?

Otto was recently ranked one of the top 10 least intimidating mascots in college athletics. Does SU need a new mascot?

‘Especially because we’re not Orangemen anymore, we’re Orange, it makes sense. I think it’s a good mascot. Makes sense that it’s one of the least intimidating because everyone likes him.’

Teresa YiSophomore marketing and retail management major

‘I remember hearing a story about how Otto became the mascot, and it was like they needed a temporary mascot because they were getting rid of the Saltine Warrior. And he was just there for a short period of time, but the students loved him and that’s how he ended up becoming the permanent replacement. We love him! Leave him alone!’

Eric MorrissetteJunior political science and policy studies major

‘I don’t think Otto should be changed; he’s kind of the signature of Syracuse.’

Courtney RaefordSophomore policy studies major

‘I think Otto is fine. We don’t really need to have an intimidating mascot. I like Otto the way he is.’

Regina BrownFreshman chemical engineering major

‘He’s part of Syracuse, he’s been around here forever. I love it when he does the little thing and turns around. I love him as a mascot. He doesn’t have to be intimidating – he’s ours.’

Michael SebringSophomore political science major

‘No, I don’t think they should change their mascot. I don’t think part of our mascot is being intimidating. It’s part of the school’s history.’

Gus BartuskaSenior math and economics major

‘Definitely not. Otto has sex appeal.’

Tim HullSophomore bioprocess engineering major

‘No. I think Otto’s kind of cute. He’s fun.’

Jeanine FoleySophomore advertising major


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